1 Current situation

The Government of Hungary announced an emergency situation by its Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11.).
Pursuant to the provisions set out in the instructions issued by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology as Maintainer and in the joint Rector’s and Chancellor’s instructions No. 2/2020 (III.11.) issued by Óbuda University (ÓE), following the spring break lasting from 16 to 20 March 2020 ÓE shall switch over to the distance education mode starting from 23 March 2020, in order to keep students away from education.

2 Switchover to the distance education mode

  1. On Monday 23 March 2020, education shall continue with the 5th week of the study period. From then on, the weekly schedule of education shall be kept according to the original timetable specified for the study period, until the 14th week of education.
  2. Until Friday 20 March 2020, professors shall publish in the Moodle system the modified system of requirements for each subject (course if not consolidated) as announced in the Neptun system, together with the method and schedule of education. From then on, students will get the study material for the subsequent week by the Friday of each week, at the latest. Students are required to process the study material published for the week concerned in the manner required, to take part at on-line consultations, to complete control tests, and to upload tasks to be submitted to the Moodle system.
  3. The end-of-year requirements shall not change by the introduction of the distance education mode. As the deadline for lifting the ban on institutional education is not yet known, measures shall be taken later on regarding the timetable of laboratory practice classes impossible to be conducted online, the examination period, and the deadlines related to the closure of the semester.
  4. The reading rooms of the Library shall be closed during the period of staying away from education. Books cannot be borrowed and cannot be returned. Online materials and databases shall be accessible, and Library staff shall be available to readers via online or phone-in consultation. Contact:

3 Things to know about online education

  1. During the period of staying away from institutional education, the basic system of education at the University shall be the Moodle system. All study materials available for each course figuring in the Neptun system shall be uploaded there. In the event that professors’ educational materials are saved at a different location, a link will be provided, pointing to the given location. By reason of the limited capacities of Moodle, professors may also use other types of software to support education and communication, the availability of which will also be announced in Moodle.
  2. Education may be conducted online, interactively, or offline using electronically uploaded study materials. In the case of online education, classes will be held according to the timetable announced for the study period in order to avoid coincidences. Exceptions may be constituted by classes held using the Moodle/BigBlueButton, which may be re-scheduled due to restricted server capacity. Students will be notified thereof in Moodle.
  3. Intra-semester testing will also be conducted online, within the scope of Moodle, in the way specified by professors, for instance by way of tests or projects to be submitted. They will be scheduled by professors in order to promote continuous learning.
  4. Use of the Announcement and the Forum shall be a compulsory element of each Moodle course:
    • the Announcement shall contain the intra-semester requirements applicable to the course concerned, the method and schedule of processing the study material, as well as the testing occasions planned;
    • the Forum shall serve as the compulsory method for keeping contacts between professors and students. Students are kindly asked to pose their questions only through the Forum. This is useful because answers can be read by all other participants as well. Professors are required to answer periodically as specified, but within 72 hours, at the latest.
  5. Professors shall break down the educational material into Topics. Each Topic shall contain the study material of a weekly lecture / practice class, together with the associated instructions, test questions and problems to be solved.
  6. As for the time being professors are busy preparing online study materials and reorganizing education, please be patient and wait until E-learning courses are set up.

The University makes every effort to support students in completing their semester studies successfully. However, learning and teaching in an online space requires additional work and discipline, as regards both professors and students. On-going work by both professors and students shall be checked at various levels. A responsible approach by everyone is requested with regard to the emergency situation.

Dated: Budapest, 16.03.2020.

sgd. Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács